Frequently asked questions ...

Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked …

General Questions

When are the Street Angels out on patrol ?

We patrol Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 10pm – 4am. We meet at the Angels Rest Café on Crossley Street from 9:45pm..

Do Street Angels have medical training ?

All our volunteers are given Emergency First Aid training as a part of their training. In addition to this training is made available to them which is voluntary, although many of our volunteers take advantage of these opportunities.

Thinking about becoming a volunteer?

How do I volunteer?

We’d love you to join us! Simply visit our volunteer page, fill in the form and we’ll be in touch. Please take the time to read through the other volunteer questions before applying.

What's the process for volunteering?

  1. Read through the: Volunteer PoliciesChildren & Young People Policy, Vulnerable Adults Policy, Health & Safety Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy.
  2. Use the form to indicate your interest
  3. Come along one night and see if Halifax Street Angels is for you (someone will contact you to arrange this)
  4. On your first visit we will chat with you about Halifax Street Angels and send you out on patrol throughout the night with experienced Street Angels
  5. We will make an appointment for you to complete a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) this needs appropriate ID and will take around three weeks to be returned.
  6. Once the two references and CRB is returned, and with no outstanding issues, you are an Angel!!! We will contact you.
  7. All volunteers will be subject to a review.

Halifax Street Angels work in full partnership with Calderdale Police, Calderdale Nightlife Initiative, PubWatch and various other agencies – our aim is to ensure a safe town centre for all and this application process will add to this. We look forward to hearing from you.

What will prevent me volunteering as a Street Angel?

We have liaised with Halifax Police and we are unable to accept anyone as a Street Angel if they have been convicted of: any sexual offences; murder / manslaughter; Section 18 offences against the person; dealing in drugs. We have also agreed some areas for discretion if there has been a period of 3 years of NOT offending: burglary; theft; drugs use; minor public offences; other inditable offences. All volunteers must declare these on the Application Form and will need to undergo a CRB check.

How old do I have to be?

The minimum age is 21.

Do I have to commit week after week?

No – how much time you give to Street Angels is down to you – we don’t work by rota – we simply turn up at 9pm on Friday and Saturday.

Do I have to stay for 6 hours?

No – come for as long or as short a time as you want. You can turn up at any stage throughout the evening – and if Angels Rest Café is closed you can find us on the streets!

What training / else is on offer?

We run occasional courses such as Conflict Training (provided by the Police), drugs and alcohol awareness, use of radios and on the job training. We also offer opportunity for you to get involved in other events in the wider community and church life – all of these are published on the newsletter. There are also regular social events organised by Halifax Street Angels.

Why do people volunteer?

We asked some of our volunteers why they do Street Angels – here are the answers:

“To make a difference to others”

“Looks good on my CV!”

“People in Halifax need us”

“A feeling of team achievement, a sense of gratitude from the public, and a really enjoyable experience”

“To help people who either need help, need first aid or just someone to talk to when feeling low or, in some cases, suicidal”

“I Street Angel because I enjoy it. I like the fact that I can help people and this has made me a lot more confident and I feel good at the end of it knowing I have done something good”

Questions about donating?

Can I donate to help out the important work ?

Yes! Currently we are in the process of introducing news ways of giving but you can donate by sending a cheque to:

Halifax Street Angels, Angels Rest Café, Crossley Street, Halifax, HX1 1UG.

Anything you give will go to directly supporting people vulnerable in our town. Thank you in advance for your support.

Will my donation qualify for gift aid?

Details coming soon.